Annual Fund Raiser

with representatives from the Western Union Foundation.

​Jenai Sullivan Wall, President and CEO of Foodland Stores


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    This is a fund raiser where friends and family of the person seeking assistance are contacted by the TAOACT Foundation advising them of the fund raiser. Their tax deductible donations are sent to the foundation which are then sent to the recipient after a 15% maintenance fee for the foundation is deducted. 

   This type of a fund raiser has been a great advantage to the recipient not only for the help with the cost of alternative treatments, but the added advantage of the emotional help that is experienced knowing that their friends and family care.  This follows the  principle of the balance of Body, Mind & Spirit practiced by the TAOACT Foundation. 

Executive Director, TAOACT Foundation

              Jenai Sullivan Wall and Ki MiChele,


TAOACT Foundation

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​F U N D   R A I S E R S


It has been among the top 100 organizations out of nearly 800 from all the Hawaiian Islands. 

​The TAOACT Foundation has been a participant in the "Give Aloha" Fund Raiser since 2009.